Paramedic Preparatory


Brief Course Description

Paramedic School has a high cost, not only financially, but of your time, energy and emotions.  Wouldn't' it be nice to know how you would do BEFORE you commit.  With our prep, you can.  Our prep has shown time and time again to be predictive of your performance in the didactic portion of your paramedic program.

The Paramedic Preparatory Course is designed to facilitate the adult learner in the transition from EMT to Paramedic. It provides the content and context necessary to prepare for fast-paced paramedic education. We have timed testing consistent with NREMT standards, and scenario practice. Due to the nature of the course, there is a strict attendance policy. This course is recognized by paramedic programs in Los Angeles and Orange counties. It is REQUIRED to bring a laptop to class. Free Wi-Fi is available. Computer access is mandatory for successful completion of the course. Presentation, study, and evaluation materials are web-access only.

This course can also be used for the content-specific CEs for NREMT-P Renewal or to re-take your NREMT-P written exam.

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Course Registration and Fees

PLEASE NOTE - COURSE REGISTRATION CLOSES 2 DAYS PRIOR TO THE START OF THE COURSE, however, we recommend registering much sooner as there is pre-course work due on the first day of class.

Click HERE to see a complete list of all of our upcoming courses, or click the link below to register for the upcoming Paramedic Preparatory Course.

Paramedic Preparatory

Course Registration Fee: $695
You may use any recent Paramedic text for the course.  Full curriculum handed out first day of class.

Southern California Campus
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Paramedic Preparatory Detailed Course Description

We have taken great pains to model our Paramedic Preparatory to follow the order, cadence and load of the traditional paramedic program.  We will not just tell you what you will need to know, we will teach it to you.  Our goal is to touch on the more complex topics and introduce those to you now, so when you reach paramedic school, you will already have had an introduction.

We approach the content by body systems.  For each system, we will review medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, major complaints, assessments and pharmacology.


At the completion of the Paramedic Preparatory course, participants will have greater knowledge and understanding of:

  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • General Pathophysiology
  • Pharmacology / Prehospital Medical Math
  • Neurology
  • Pulmonology
  • Cardiology
  • Basic & 12-Lead EKG Recognition
  • Shock / Trauma
  • Endocrinology
  • Toxicology / Overdose
  • Obstetrics / Pediatrics
The most successful student will have, at minimum, a current EMT certificate and recommended six months of field experience as an EMT. Although the CEs are applicable toward renewing your EMT, this course does not substitute as an EMT Renewal course.  Upon registration each student will be sent a link to download the pre-course study packet of medical terminology to complete by the first class meeting. There will be a Medical Terminology exam the first day, covering all of the pre-course study materials.

Successful Completion

Prior preparation is required for completion of this course. Paramedics and EMTs will earn 64 hours of instructor based continuing education. Due to the nature of the course, there is a strict attendance policy.  The course is graded on a point scale and the learner must score above 75% overall to earn CEs for the course.  A letter grade will be issued upon completion of the course.

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Paramedic Preparatory Course Materials and Process

The following are the course materials required to successfully complete the course.  To access the items that are password protected, you will receive a code upon successful payment and registration into the course.  There is no textbook included in the price of the course.

Pre-Course Materials to be Completed

Click on the item below to open the link in a new window. The password can be found in your registration confirmation email.

There are, of course, multiple ways to complete this assignment, but only one will prove the most beneficial for you as the Paramedic student

  • Do it on your own. This is NOT intended to be a group project.
  • Read the word or term to be defined out loud and learn how to pronounce it.
  • Find the appropriate medical definition.
  • Read the definition out loud at least three times.
  • Summarize the definition in your own words (sometimes this is just impossible).
  • Transcribe the definition onto your sheet, writing it by hand.
  • Say everything you write out loud as you write it.
  • AFTER you have completed the assignment, meet with some people to compare notes.

Paramedic Preparatory Reference Materials (may print and bring to class)

Click on the item to download and open. These are password protected and will need a ".pdf" reader to open and view. You may download a free one from Adobe by clicking HERE.

Medical Terminology Pre-Course
Paramedic Preparatory Lecture Materials
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