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We offer three different ways to earn and maintain your AHA BLS Certification.

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Course Registration and Fees

**Please note that the course price does NOT include a textbook for any of the disciplines.** See the Materials section below for the AHA Position Statement on textbooks.  You will have the option to purchase a book with your registration and payment.

PLEASE NOTE - ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSES 3 DAYS PRIOR TO THE START OF THE COURSE, but you can still call the office to register.

Course Manual and Handbook Fees:
  • BLS Manual (required): $27 (can purchase during course registration - $10 shipping not included)

BLS Course (both Initial and Renewal)

Course Registration Fee: $65

Southern California Campus
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BLS Detailed Course Description

The purpose of this course is to convey the proper sequence and application of Basic Cardiac Life Support techniques. This course will emphasize standard assessment and application skills as recommended by the American Heart Association, International Guidelines for Emergency Cardiac Care. Upon completion of this course, a BCLS (CPR) card will be issued by the American Heart Association signifying attainment of the skill level which each individual participant has obtained.


At the completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  1. Reduce the risk of the most common causes of injury and death.
  2. Recognize unresponsiveness (or other emergency situations where resuscitation is appropriate).
  3. Phone 911 in a timely fashion (or other emergency number, in hospital).
  4. Provide an open airway (using head tilt-chin lift or jaw thrust techniques).
  5. Provide ventilations (breathing) that make the chest rise, using mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-barrier device ventilations (bag-mask ventilation by healthcare providers).
  6. Provide chest compressions (using compression force that moves sternum down the appropriate depth for victim’s age (lay rescuer) or that generates a palpable pulse (healthcare provider).
  7. Perform all these skills in a manner that is safe for the rescuer, the patient and bystanders.
  8. (If Healthcare Provider) Show proficiency in bag-mask ventilation for victims of all ages and use of AED’s for victims 1 years of age and older.

There are no prerequisites for this course

Successful Completion

Prior preparation is recommended for completion of this course. The required BLS materials must also be obtained. These materials consist of the most recent BLS Provider Manual from the AHA. Supplemental material is available on this website. This helps the learner measure pre-course strengths and weaknesses, and gives the learner areas for pre-course review.

Successful completion of this course is dependent upon the learner demonstrating satisfactory skills as listed in the objectives above.

A score of at least 84% must be achieved on the final written examination.

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BLS Provider Course Materials and Process

The following are the course materials required to successfully complete the BLS Provider Training.  To access the items that are password protected, you will receive a code upon successful payment and registration into the course.  There is no textbook included in the price of the course.  Please see the AHA Position Statement below.

AHA Position Statement/Policy:
The textbook is an integral part of the educational process and the student should have the current textbook throughout the time that the information is required. Each student must have the current appropriate textbook for use before, during and after the course. The American Heart Association promotes knowledge of and proficiency in CPR/BLS, ACLS and PALS, and has developed instructional material for this purpose. Although this course is not sponsored by any AHA component, some or all materials utilized by faculty or students may be American Heart Association materials supplied on a cost basis. Any fees charged for this course do not represent revenue to the AHA. The American Heart Association endorses only those products that are developed by the AHA.


BLS Provider Training

Please bring the following with you to your course:

  • BLS Algorithms (see below)

You may use the other study material below to help successfully complete the assignments.


BLS Materials to be Completed

Click on the item to download and open. These are password protected and you may need a ".pdf" reader to open and view. You may download a free one from Adobe by clicking HERE.


BLS Reference Materials (must print and bring to class)

Click on the item to download and open.  You will need a ".pdf" reader to open and view. You may download a free one from Adobe by clicking HERE.

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